Changes for the New School Year

Changes for the New School Year
Posted on 08/15/2018
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New Backpack Policy

Hurricane High schools primary purpose is to provide a well-rounded education program, students’ safety and security is also our top priority.  There is a trust with parents and the community to provide our educational program in a safe and secure environment.  Just like our educational program, the school safety and security program must be guided by best practices and evidence-based programming. The new book bag policy is just one component of a much larger initiative to ensure students’ safety and security.  Therefore, the 2018-19 school year all book bags must be stored in lockers upon entering school and must remain there until the school day ends.  We have created possible question and answers that may help you:

Why must book bags be stored?

With HHS growing enrollment book bags interfere with movement during class change and if something should occur, during an emergency evacuation.  This would provide an unobstructed entrance and exit of the classrooms and the building.  Just one large book bag in the aisle can have serious consequences.  In addition, book bags create opportunities to conceal inappropriate material and contraband.   

What is the difference between a “book bag” and a “purse/pocketbook?”

Anything that is big enough to carry books will be considered a book bag under this policy including: drawstring bags, satchels, tote bags and laptop cases. Laptop sleeves in which a laptop can be held will be permissible to protect the laptop.
Why now?
With HHS increasing population, carrying book bags has been a safety concern.  We have had Hurricane City Police and The Sheriff’s Department in with their dogs to complete and random sweep of our school.  The school was put on a non-emergency lock down.  During the course of the sweep, we checked several lockers and found a large amount of them empty.  To complete an accurate security sweep, every single classroom would have to be entered.  That is neither feasible nor conducive to a safe school.  Having the ability to complete a through and rapid sweep is critical in all emergency situations.

Revised HHS Bell Schedule    2018-2019
First Bell                                                     7:57
Warning Bell                                               8:01
First Block                                                   8:04-9:38
Grab & Go                                                    9:38-9:46
Warning Bell                                                9:49
Second block                                                9:51- 11:25
Freshman Focus (Warning Bell)                      11:28
Freshman Focus                                          11:29- 11:48
LUNCH                                                         11:25-12:15
Warning Bell                                                 12:19
Third Block                                                   12:21- 1:55
Warning Bell                                                 2:00
Fourth Block                                                 2:02  -3:36

2 Hour Delay-No Grab and Go 
First Bell                                                       9:57
Warning Bell                                                10:01
First Block                                                    10:04-11:04
Warning Bell                                                11:11
Second block                                                 11:13- 12:13
Freshman Focus (Warning Bell)                       12:14
Freshman Focus                                           12:16- 12:33
LUNCH                                                         12:13-1:12
Warning Bell                                                 1:17
Third Block                                                   1:19- 2:19
Warning Bell                                                 2:24
Fourth Block                                                 2:26  -3:36


The grading scale for the 2018-2019 school year has changed.  The new grading scale is as follows: 
90-100 A
80-89   B
70-79   C
60-69   D
50-0     F