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This year will be the 100th graduating class of Hurricane High School!  Our yearbook and media class are both looking for photographs from the past 100 years.   These photographs can be of graduating classes, sports, clubs, or any other activity.  We would love to have pictures of the first year any team or club started at HHS.  If you send any photograph please include the year, name of the club or team, and names of individuals (if known).  Photographs can be from any decade, but we are especially looking for the earliest of years.  If possible, please send high resolution photographs.  

You can email them to

You can direct message the yearbook's Instagram or Facebook page. 
Yearbook Instagram Page: 
Yearbook Facebook Page: 

Or you can submit through the Yearbook Snap website.  The code to submit via Yearbook Snap is hhs. The Yearbook Snap app can also be downloaded as a smartphone app. 
Yearbook Snap Website: 

Thanks for your support in this project!

Josh Caldwell